No One Finer Than Frank Shiner at the New York International Fringe Festival!

10 Jun

The Ladies of Caos Present

No One Finer Than Frank Shiner

The New York International Fringe Festival-FringeNYC

A production of The Present Company

August 13th-29th

Tickets: $15-$18. For tickets visit

The Ladies of Caos are proud to present No One Finer Than Frank Shiner (NOFTFS) as part of the 14th annual New York International Fringe Festival- FringeNYC. This new play by Yale graduate Sinead Daly will make its national debut at The Cherry Lane Studio Theatre.

Welcome to the lovesick fantasy world of Marla and Kate, two women who love the same man. And not just any man. They love Frank Shiner, a 1950s celebrity icon they dub “the-best-singer-slash-poet-slash-cook to inhabit the earth.”

Two of many devoted fans who congregate outside of Frank Shiner’s house, Marla and Kate spend all day, every day, trying to catch a glimpse of their dreamboat, a glimpse that they hope will someday turn into love, a wedding ring, and happily ever after. In Marla and Kate’s world, it is socially acceptable to dream, and even to believe, that celebrity stalking might lead to a walk down the aisle. Surely, each sighting of Frank is bringing them one step closer to their happy ending. Or is it?

On the surface, NOFTFS is about unrequited love, the absurdity of celebrity culture, and the rituals of fandom. Underneath it is about a complex and meaningful friendship that excites the imagination and challenges societal notions about what it means to lead a practical life.

NOFTFS is written, produced, and performed by women.

Featuring Aja Nisenson and Anne Troup

Written by Sinead Daly

Directed and developed by Danielle Kourtesis

Showtimes: MON, AUG 16 @ 8pm; THUR, AUG 19 @ 5:45pm; MON, AUG 23 @ 6pm; FRI, AUG 27 @ 9:45pm: SAT, AUG 28 @ 1:45pm

Venue Address: 38 Commerce Street, New York, NY 10014